Saturday, July 6, 2013

Whats in YOUR sketch bag? And, Hi from San Jose, California!

After quite a bit of drama with getting a Schengen Visa to be in Barcelona, I finally got one today, so yay!, it's official, I'm coming to Barcelona!! ( Thank you so very much Gabi... but that's another story, ask me over Drink & Draw some night...) See you all on the 10th, when I arrive from California.

What's in YOUR sketchbag? Mine is pretty simple. It took a while to figure what colors to bring along. I've dropped some greens, inspired by so many of you that carry no greens, but mix them as you go. And, I'm leaving one little pan in my palette empty: who knows, I just might discover a new color I just cannot live without. It'll be my color-of-Barcelona :) And I'm sure I will come back with a LOT more supplies than I left with. My Stillman & Birn Beta books come along, but I'm holding them at 2 books, since there will be so many more to try and to bring back with me. 

Packing for Barcelona

Those countless trips to the Spanish Consulate in San Francisco? Painful, yes, but I did get some sketching done. Here are some Painted Ladies of San Francisco, sketched along Geary street, between the parking garage and the Spanish Consulate. I did that walk a few times!

Painted ladies, San Francisco Painted Ladies, San Francisco 
Houses, San FranciscoHouses, San Francisco

See you all very very soon. Looking forward to being there as correspondent!


Kim Marohn said...
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Kim Marohn said...

This year I decided to travel with the ultimately minimal sketch bag. Aside from a few items recommended by the instructors of my workshops, it's going to be one sketchbook, a small box of watercolors, a few pens and pencils (including a handful of color pencils) and that's it!
Other than that, I'm looking forward to testing some of the goodies provided by the sponsors ;)
And I'm also REALLY looking forward to having you as an official Symposium correspondent! Congratulations again, and have a great trip over. See you soon!

Ea Ejersbo said...

So sorry to hear you had visa-trouble, but good to know everything got sorted in time! Looking forward to meeting you soon, and to seeing what you make of the symposium in your sketches :)

Suhita said...

ea, Kim, looking forward to it. The visa troubles are behind me now, almost done packing :)

josu maroto said...

looking forward to sketch with you and see your extra fine sharpie in action!!!