Saturday, July 6, 2013

Greetings from Ourense/Spain

So many of you are traveling to Barcelona at the moment or have already arrived. But before leaving myself I wanted to say hello to you all and leave a quick introduction. My name is Isabell and I live in Ourense/Galicia in north western Spain. I contribute to the spanish USk-blog and I´m a member of the spanish admin group. I attended the symposium in Lisbon two years ago and have enjoyed sketching in company of like-minded people ever since. Besides teaching german at Vigo´s University I do some illustration work and have led creative workshops for some time. My favorite medium is watercolor and lately colour pencils. Last weekend many of us spanish and some portuguese sketchers, too, had the opportunity to "warm up" at the fifth "De vuelta con el cuaderno" dedicated to "sketchbooks and cinema".  This is part of my leporello from Huesca:

De vuelta con el cuaderno V,I

I also made some watercolors strolling through the city.

In BCN I´ll lend a hand in the bookbinding workshop by Choni Naudín . I say workshop because all of you who have registered for the "demo" will be busy sewing your own sketchbooks. At the moment we´re finishing preparations to make the whole process of a coptic binding fit in a 1.5h frame. =)

I´m so excited to meet you all in person in BCN, sketch and talk and learn a lot!
A warm hug from Ourense!


monbaum said...

Those are beautiful watercolors sketches! I really need to add your blog to my feedly :-) I am particularly excited about that sketchbook binding workshop. I have always wanted to make my own! Looking forward to meeting you soon IRL.

Unknown said...

Yes, they really are beautiful, and very inspiring! And thank you for the sketchbook binding workshop, it is such a great thing to know how to do :) Good luck with your final preparations, and see you soon!

Isabell Seidel said...

Thanks a lot Monika and Kim =) I´m also excited to meet your in BCN! You´ll see Choni is a great professional and it´s a great pleasure and honor to me to colaborate with her in this workshop. I greatly admire her work and I´m sure we´ll all spend a very pleasant afternoon together. See you in a few!

Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

Looking forward to the workshop! See you soon!

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