Saturday, October 26, 2013

Going beyond boundaries

Have you ever tried to draw two drawings at the same time? One in the sketchbook and the other beyond its boundaries trying to obtain two drawings instead of one? The challenge will be to have three, meaning that middle drawing will not present a white hole but will have a drawing in it and even a different one that the first one. A future challenge in my drawing agenda!

This excercise was done during the workshop of Barry Jackson.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

SImposium #2

Durante el simposium estuve haciendo de intérprete para Inma (2 veces) y Sagar (1 vez).
Se aprende mucho escuchando y viendo a los maestros en acción, pero se dibuja poco, hay que guardar lo aprendido para más adelante. Aquí van algunos dibujos rápidos (esos que cuando los hago yo siempre me parecen precipitados) hechos durante el taller de Inma (durante el de Sagar no tuve ocasión ni de sacar el cuaderno).

During the Symposium I was the interpreter for Inma (twice) and Sagar (once). So much learning hearing and watching the masters at work, but not so much drawing, you must keep what you get for the future. Here are some quick sketches (those that if made by me I always feel rushed) drawn during Inma's workshop (during Sagar's one I didn't have the opportunity to take out the sketchbook). 

Simposium USk Barcelona #3

Simposium USk Barcelona #4

Simposium USk Barcelona #5

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Simposium #1

El simposium y todo eso, o sea, yatusabemiamó.
Dibujos de unos días antes con IsabelCésar y parte de la armada del lejano oriente (TiaKiahPaul y Pramote entre otros). Fuimos a sitios un poco obvios y como me los tengo un poco dibujados decidí probar a cerrar el zoom, prescindir de la silueta y buscar algo lo más abstracto posible, cosa para la que Gaudí se presta mucho. Y hete aquí...

The symposium and all that stuff, you know.
Drawings made some days before with IsabelCésar and the far east armada (TiaKiahPaul and Pramote amongst others). We went to some obvious places and as I've already drawn them several times I decided to check closing the zoom lens, do without the silhouette and look for something as much abstract as possible, a not so weird issue with Gaudí. And so...

Casa Batlló

Casa Milá

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Little drawing at the symposium

I had not published yet anything about it because at the symposium I was so involved in the organization (for good or bad depending on the point of view) and as interpreter for Marion Rivolier workshop (for good) that I barely had time to draw. Some portrait and ... Although better than nothing.

Lynne Chapman workshop
Barry Jackson workshop

Final sketchcrawl
Final sketchcrawl

Friday, September 6, 2013

Casa Batlló

It was a nice feeling when Casa Batlló contacted me a few days ago asking if they could use my sketch on their social media page. I don't use Facebook but these are the times I feel like I should start using it :)

This sketch was done during Veronica's workshop incorporating some of the techniques she taught us, and it was also sketched in pouring rain - very difficult situation but also makes it that much more memorable too.