Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hello from New York and notes for Workshop G

Hello everyone!

I woke up this morning, in a bit of a panic, thinking that I was leaving for Barcelona and had not packed or gotten ready. Luckily, there are 3 more days before I leave.

 Some notes and a big favor:

If you're taking Workshop G (welcome!), I'm posting the sequence and an outline of the workshop exercises to avoid printing (there may be some changes, but don't worry. Also it looks like a lot of walking, but most of our time will be spent in La Plaza Reial).  I'll bring some sheets along just in case. If you want me to email them, or you have any questions, let me know (

And now the big favor...I'm working on a sketching/urban sketching presentation for a professional conference with Jim Richards later this year. I would like to talk with landscape architects and architects attending the symposium to get information on how urban sketching informs their work. It would be great to get perspectives from the urban sketcher group.

Thanks so much and see you all next week!

Richard Alomar


Jessie Chapman said...

This looks great, Richard! And count me in for conversations about sketching and the profession. I think Liz is already in transit, but she'll be delighted to talk about it too. We've been having really interesting discussions on that topic recently! Safe travels and see you soon!!

Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

Looking forward to meeting you!

Daniel said...

Hi Richard! I'd be happy to talk a bit of shop over tapas and sangria ;) Safe travels.

Unknown said...

Hi Richard! Looking forward to your workshop, see you next week!

Amber Sausen said...

Richard! Definitely glad to talk about architecture and sketching.

James Richards said...

Count me in on the discussion!

Unknown said...

Wow! 30-second street studies, huh! Unfortunately I'm not taking your workshop, but I'm going to have to try that anyways. Sounds like fun!!!
And really looking forward to finally meeting you as well. Maybe get a chance to speak a little nihongo while we're at it? ;)

Luis Ruiz said...

Hi Richard. I will be glad too to join the talk.

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