Monday, July 22, 2013

Barcelona Usk Symposium Portraits by EclecticBox

I know much of the sharing activity is going on Facebook, but since I don't have a personal account over there I'll just share my drawings here.

It's been two weeks since Barcelona was already full of people from all over the globe committed to the Urban Sketching. It's been great to meet you and a pleasure to have you in our town. Hopefully we'll meet again... maybe on the next Usk Symposium (wherever is going to be held) maybe somewhere else?. Although being on the Local Organisation Team, I had the chance to participate on some workshops (I will soon post the results here too) and to eventually do some portraits, so here you have them... hope you like them!

By the way, the first ones were made just before the Symposium started, the last ones right after it finished, can you tell the diference?!? ;)

The charming Patti (James Richards' wife)


nelson paciencia said...

Beautiful portraits. I really like your style.

EclecticBox said...

Muito obrigado Nelson! I like your style too!

Marina Grechanik said...

what a fabulous portraits with a lot of character! really love them all! I want my next time we'll meet!

EclecticBox said...

Thanks you so much Marina!
You and Ea have much credit on the last three as I was applying what you both tought us!
Now I regret not have drawn more people during the symposium... time and energy didn't allow me to do so.
Definitely I'll draw you next time!!! :)

Unknown said...

EclecticBox,you are such a great artist! It's a shame you couldn't draw more!!! Being an organizer myself, I know how demanding the whole Symposium was, so there was very little time left for us to sketch... Next year we'll make it!!! :-)

VHein said...

Great sketches and great characters! A pleasure to meet you, and a big thanks to you and the rest of the Barcelona team.

Tomàs Font said...


Tomàs Font said...


EclecticBox said...

@Sílvia Xicola: Thanxs Silvia! I can't actually complaint about the amount of workshops I could take and I'm pretty happy with the results. Definitely next year we'll be able to focus only on the sketching! ;)

@Virginia Heim: The pleasure of meeting you was ours!!! Thank you and all the instructors for making the symposium so interesting! Also for being so happy and enthusiastic with your locations!

@Tomàs Font: Moltes gràcies!

Linda said...

Cesar...such wonderful portraits! I am glad you had time for some sketching...just wanted to thank you again for all the time you spent taking me to the Police station and to the Apple store after my IPad was stolen. You don't know how much it helped to have you around when I was obviously so upset! The rest of my time in Barcelona and Mallorca was very enjoyable! Hope to post a few sketches once I get organized.

Patrizia Torres said...

Great portraits, Cesar, you are a great sketcher and greater cicerone !
Thank you for all your help, your kind suggestions (and patience) when we all asked you about where to go for a drink or a good place to have lunch, every day and every moment... and many other things.

EclecticBox said...

@Linda: Glad to know that I could help out a bit although there wasn't much to do about it... however I'm even happier to read that you had a good time in Barcelona and Mallorca despite everything. Looking forward to see your sketches!

@Patrizia Torres: Thank you! I wish I could've been a bit more helpful on the suggestions front, as I told you I don't go out that much! ;P Looking forward to see your portraits (mine included) and symposium drawings too!!!

Emily Nudd Mitchell said...

Fantastic gallery, Cesar ! I agree also with Patrizia, thanks for your patient help ! said...

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