Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bcn Usk Symposium Workshop Results by EclecticBox

Here you have most of the drawings I made during the Bcn Usk Symposium Workshops.
Thank you to all the instructors for transmitting their knowledge in such a clear way that everything seemed easy and oneself couldn't but inspiredly give it a go. I wish the Symposium had lasted a few more days as I'm sure that all the other workshops were worth taking as the many drawings shared by the participants show, but nevertheless, I'm happy with the ones I took and here you have some results

Day 1, Morning Workshop: Life Between Buildings by James Richards:
Exercise 1: Bringing the people to the party.

Exercise 2: People and background thumbnails.

Exercise 3: Putting all together with color.

 Day 1, Afternoon Workshop: Triad Symphony with Shary Blaukopf

Exercise 2: Finding the values.

 Day 2, Afternoon Workshop: Channeling Picasso with Melanie Reim

Exercise 1: Finding our marks.

Exercise 2: Capturing the Values trough marks.

Exercise 3: Practising silhouettes.

Day 3, Morning Workshop: Urban Life with Marina Grechanik and Ea Ejersbo

Exercise 1:Looking for the story and capturing its heroes.

Exercise 2: Rooming in our sketchbooks.

Exercise 3: Capturing the moment with watercolour and watercolour pencils


nelson paciencia said...

What a good "student" you are! You moved from your confort zone with no problems at all. What an envy! Your workshop drawings are suberb. Congratulations.

Gail Wong said...

These are great! Especially the Channeling Picasso. You got some much texture and depth in that. Bravo!

memi said...

It was so great to meet you and work with you- all of your work shines- like you!

EclecticBox said...

@Nelson Paciencia: Thanks! Although I didn't get outside my comfort zone that much, workshops and instructors definitely show me new ways to broaden it a lot more!

@Gail Wong: Took me a while to find Picasso's mark making but really happy how that one turned out! Thanks!

@Melanie Reim ¨Memi¨: Likewise! Thanks you!!! *You just made me blush*

Marina Grechanik said...

what a great examples of absorbing the symposium's workshops! it was a pleasure to have you in our workshop!

EclecticBox said...

@Marina Grechanik: The pleasure to learn from you both it's been mine!!! Thanks you!

Patrizia Torres said...

Cesar, you are amazing : all your sketches, black and white or color, sing and shine !! I love them all...

Emily Nudd Mitchell said...

awesome !

kumi Matsukawa said...

A mi me gustan mucho tus dibujos. Gracias por todo, Cesar! Espero que nos veamos en Japon ( o en España) un día otra vez.

Chris Nolan said...

Great sharing! Thank you for sharing! Keep up the great work mate! Cheers!

Unknown said...