Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thank you for your participation!

Seven days in Barcelona, three days for the Symposium, it was amazing!
The first four days were full working: I was waiting my first workshop since six months, at five o'clock it was raining! I couldn't believe it...Thank you to all participants: everyone was fine and happy despite rain.

The second workshop was perfect: in the shade of the Palau de Mar, everyone worked hard with colors trying capturing space. Thank you, your works was wonderful for three hours.

For the last morning, we changed the location because we were looking for shade, of course. We receveided the visit from Lapin, thank you Lapin! Thank you participants for your beautiful works!

A last big thank you for Isaac, my translator. You was perfect and I liked be with you for my first symposium.
And thank you very much all organisation (Barcelona and Usk), it was incredible.
See you next time I hope!


Andre Sandmann said...

Marion – your WS was great, it was a tough one, I felt very insecure when getting rid of my outlines and setting up levels of contrasts as you proposed. But it was worth it and opened my eyes in the way I choose colors as a matter of composition beside reproduction. And it's great how fresh and living architectural landscapes do appear on your sketches.

deb rossi said...

To say the workshop was challenging was an understatement. But we'll worth the head adjustment. It has left a desire to work harder. Thank you for your patience.

isaac duenyas said...

Thanks Marion for your kind words. It was really a fantastic workshop you gave in Barcelona. Being your translator was almost as challenging as being your student, but even if I were not able to draw during the workshop I think I got a little bit of your art while translating you and I will try to apply it in the coming weeks. I will send you the results.
Thanks again for being such a great and committed instructor.
It was really a pleasure to assist you.

Marion Rivolier said...

Thank you Andre, Deb and Isaac for your kind words. I knew that my WS was a challenge for you but it was the same for me. I made also the big splash with you. It was a very enriching experience for me!