Saturday, May 18, 2013

Greetings from Manchester, UK!

A big hello to all fellow urban sketchers, I feel very privileged to be joining you in Barcelona and like other correspondents on this Symposium blog, I am counting down the days until July!

Urban sketching has been on the periphery of what I do for a number of years, but it was only thanks to being invited to an Urban Sketchers Singapore private view last summer where I met the fabulous Tia Boon Sim and colleagues, that I felt really inspired to focus on this wonderful style of reportage drawing. Now almost a year on...I am completely addicted! 

Last October I started an informal Manchester urban sketching group with help from USK Correspondent Caroline Johnson who had recently returned to England from Rennes, France (now a good friend)! We are a small but committed group of sketchers and hopefully we'll be an official group soon.

Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. Watercolour & Pen, 2013
Bit about me...I'm an architect by profession and now full-time lecturer at Manchester School of Art. I'm a member of the Society of Architectural Illustration here in the UK but most importantly I am an urban sketcher! I was really anxious I wouldn't get a place at the Symposium and was absolutely thrilled when I did. I follow a number of you on flickr and I genuinely find your work - and approach to your work will be lovely to meet you all in person!

Here are a couple of my recent sketches - I am on flickr and this is my blog

Milan Cathedral, pen and watercolour, April 2013

All Saint's Gardens, Manchester, pen & watercolour, March 2013

And here I am sketching in London yesterday...(May 17th).

Southbank, London. pen & watercolour, May 2013

That's enough from me for now....happy urban sketching everyone and hope to see you in Barcelona!!


Swasky said...

I'm happy of having the opportunity to meet you. Great work!

Nina Johansson said...

I just love your drawings, Simone! I hope you will bring a few of your sketchbooks to Barcelona so I get to flip through them and drool a little. ;)
Looking forward to meeting you!

sylvain dupuy said...

I love your drawings, particurlarly Milan Cathedral (and I never told that to anyone before)
but, sorry, is it necessary to know you use a Mol...ine sketching book ?

Simone Ridyard said...

Hi all, thanks so much for the lovely feedback about my work. Nina - I'm a big fan of yours...please bring your sketchbooks too!

Swasky look forward to meeting you in Barcelona too, your work is great I've just been looking at on flickr.

Thanks also Sylvain - I'm very flattered you like the Milan Cathedral drawing. I only mentioned Moleskine after looking at other posts on this Symposium blog, apologies if too much info.

Thanks again & best wishes.

James Richards said...

Simone, your work just blows me away. I'm really looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona and following your work online.

tiastudio said...

Hi Simone, we are going to meet again in Barcelona, can't wait! Let me know what you want me to bring for you from Singapore.

Liz Steel said...

HI Simone! Your work is SO wonderful! Really look forward to meeting you in BCN!

Juliette Plisson said...

I love your wonderful work Simone, hope I will meet you in BCN

Simone Ridyard said...

James, Tia, Liz and Juliette - thank you for such lovely feedback I am a big fan of all your work and can't believe I'll get to meet you soon in Barcelona!

Dear Tia - I have you to thank for inspiring me to pick up my pens and start urban sketching!

Liz - thank you so much for your email, I'm about to reply.

Best wishes to all!

Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

Looking forward to meeting you and I hope to get a chance to watch you sketch - your work is amazing!

Simran Sharma said...