Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Suhita Shirodkar to report live from Barcelona as the International Correspondent Volunteer

We are pleased to announce that San José-based urban sketcher Suhita Shirodkar has been selected as our 2013 Symposium International Correspondent Volunteer.

Of the 83 urban sketchers from all over the world who responded to our call for submissions, Suhita was chosen for the quality of her visual storytelling and ability to report live from Barcelona, through sketches and writings. Suhita will give daily updates on the Urban Sketchers blogs about the events' activities, and will work together with a another correspondent chosen by the local Symposium organizers who will also be covering the event.

The Board wants to thank everyone who made this process possible, especially all of the candidates who applied for this volunteer position.

Suhita blogs at


miked said...

Congratulations Suhita!
Really looking forward to how you're going to cover the event!

Jane Dillon Wingfield: said...

Congratulations! Great choice! I look forward to seeing the symposium in sketches!

Suhita said...

Thanks Jane and Mike! I am looking forward to it!

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

I know you'll do a wonderful job, Suhita! Looking forward to your sketches.

Simran Sharma said...