Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hello from Switzerland

My name is André Sandmann, I am a graphic designer and I have my own studio in Zurich. I've always been drawing and painting but I have to confess once (when I started art school and had my first Mac) I thought computer-art was everything and hand-drawn was either for the old-fashioned or for kids. But things have changed - even in Graphic Design. The comeback of hand drawn and handwritten elements is impressive! At work I use sketching daily – as a medium for concept visualization and of course illustrations.

As an urban sketcher I appreciate the community a lot, the exchange and the inspiration that pushes me forward. I've attended the symposium in Lisbon and I was very impressed. Last year I initiated USK Switzerland and it's a pleasure to see it grow and how it helps building up a network of sketchers, connecting the cities and even building a bridge between german and french speaking artists. We had our first national Sketchcrawl in the capital this year and another one is planned in autumn.

I love to work with ink and watercolors and on rather bigger formats. But I use small books when I sketch people on my bus ride to work (my daily exercise). And I love to play with perspective. I've chosen these examples as they might represent some kind of sketched Swissness.
More work: or




I am looking forward to join you in BCN and happy sketching!


Unknown said...

Looking forward to meeting and sketching with you Andre! I love what you do with the perspectives!

Nina Johansson said...

Lovely drawings! Looking forward to meeting you, André!

Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

See you soon!

Suma CM said...

Love the drawings! Looking forward to sketching with you!

Andre Sandmann said...

Thank you for your feedbacks and looking forward meeting you and sketching with you in Barcelona :-)

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