Sunday, July 7, 2013

greetings from Italy/Holland

...looking forward to meet everybody & the inspration of Barcelona!
I'm a Dutch artist, my name is Agnes den Hartogh, and I work and live most of the time in Italy (border Tuscany/Umbria) Here, near the Lake Trasimeno, is my studio Tipografia Sperimentale, a playground for al experimental printing techniques; here I work in the most complicated way with different layers of monotype and collage- the opposite of a 5 minute sketch.

a quick sketch:
and an example of a complicated proces:
But: every artwork start with sketches. My favorite subject is architecture. I travelled a lot and everywhere I captured my expressions in quick pen drawings.
The BCN2013-blog and the participants make me feel hungry! Let's share the good things & the inspiration! See you in Barcelona...

greeting from Agnes
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