Monday, July 1, 2013

Greetings from Madrid!

Hello, my name is Esperanza, I live in Madrid although I was born and raised in Valencia (Spain). I´m for a year in the Urban Sketchers group so it will be the first time I attend a Symposium and I'm very excited. I've always liked to draw, my favourite subject was the portrait but since I'm in the group I do increasingly urban landscape. With the Madrid group I’m drawing the different sites in this city 

Also in Valencia I like to draw its monuments.


 I am a biologist, and as a student I loved taking notes of animals or plants. Now I work in a Neuroscience laboratory and sometimes I draw neurons as Santiago Ramon y Cajal , a great Spanish scientist, used to do.


I  really want to meet you all and enjoy the classes and the exchange with artists from around the world. Here you have a picture of the Casa Batlló, one of the mansions designed by Gaudi, hoping to draw it again in your company. See you in Barcelona!!