Monday, July 1, 2013

Greetings from Portland!

Hello from Portland, name in Linda Engstrom and I attended the first symposium here, as well as the one in Lisbon. I live about 20 miles from the city on rural property, so don't always get to the sketch crawls, but enjoy sketching the buildings and bridges when I do go in! I work mainly in pen and ink as well as watercolor, and have taught landscape illustration at the Community College in Portland for over 25 years. My favorite subjects are trees!

I'm traveling to Barcelona with my husband and looking forward to reconnecting with some of the wonderful sketchers who I met a few years ago, and who I have continued to follow over the Internet. I  think that there are five of us Urban Sketchers coming from Portland! I have never been to Spain and am excited to finally get to explore Barcelona. We will be spending the following week in Mallorca....with more sketching! This week in Portland we are having a heat wave with temps in the high 90 degrees F .... perhaps preparing us! Can't wait to learn more, and be around so many talented people....see you all in a week!!

A few of Portland's many bridges

Pen and inks
the Portland library and a home on San Juan Island in Washington state
A pencil sketch of a walnut tree in our garden

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Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

Great sketches! Not sure if we met at the first Symposium, but I'm looking forward to sketching with you :)

Nina Johansson said...

Nice work, Linda! Looking forward to meeting you!

John Wright said...

Hey Daniel, we met last summer. I look forward to seeing you and meeting you Amber.

9 sleeps and it all begins!

John Wright said...

You know how to work a pen Linda. Line drawing was my first love. I've been muddling around with paint for a couple of years, but would like to just dig in and crosshatch for some variety. Hope I find you in one of the sessions, so I can look over your shoulder and learn.

John Wright said...

sorryy, don't know what happened with the cross messages

I. M. Red

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