Friday, July 12, 2013

bcn2013usk - day 1

finally, after so many month waiting for it, yesterday at 9:00am, started the 4th urban sketching symposium in barcelona.
the opening was both in catalan and english. big up victor, elisabeth, jason and all the volunteers for the good job! bcn2013usk - day 1
at 10:00am was time for the first workshop. I join the workshop "C", designing barcelona, with veronica lawlor, and sketched the "illa de la discòrdia" like I never done before: bcn2013usk - day 1 bcn2013usk - day 1 bcn2013usk - day 1
than I join sagar in the university for his workshop "A" lighting the city:
bcn2013usk - day 1
and after a quick lunch, started the lecture at 02:30pm of the great moustache owner lluïsot, human landscape: bcn2013usk - day 1
at 4:00pm was time for the afternoon workshop cession. I followed paul wang and tia to their workshop "P" drawing from the heart and over color splashes. I enjoyed a lot sketching with any kind of material, from candle, wood stick, salt or credit card: bcn2013usk - day 1 bcn2013usk - day 1 bcn2013usk - day 1
and no matter the rain, I spent the last hour sketching the negative forms (workshop "S") with joao catarino and omar jaramillo at plaça sant felip néri: bcn2013usk - day 1 bcn2013usk - day 1
at 7:30pm, and because we were close from the city hall, we had a quick visit to the exhibition "sketching barcelona" in sala ciutat, before going to the presentation of the new books of swasky and nina johansson (z sketch guides) at the fnac of plaça catalunya: bcn2013usk - day 1
we arrived late for the drink & draw at the cccb café, so after one beer we lived with omar, stew, jason, pete, choni, ruben and césar for a burger nearby. bcn2013usk - day 1 bcn2013usk - day 1
I can't wait the 2nd day to start for more fun!
and don't forget that if you're in barcelona and are not registered to the symposium, you are welcome to the public events here and there!

by lapin

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Miguel R. Gimenez said...

Great work, Lapin!
Gives just such a good feeling of what is going on in BCN!!!