Thursday, July 11, 2013

Moleskine Special Edition Notebook Contests

Find My Sketch
Unable to attend the Symposium but following it here? You could win a Moleskine Special Edition notebook by following the Twitter hash tags #bcn2013USk and #findmysketch, or by following the Symposium Facebook page

Every day during the Urban Sketching Symposium in Barcelona (#bcn2013USk) we are posting a sketch of one of the city’s landmarks on Facebook and Twitter. Where was the sketch made? Reply with your answer and the hashtags #findmysketch #bcn2013USk and #moleskine, and you could win a @Moleskine Special Edition notebook!

Two winners will be selected each day from each platform.

Share your artwork
In Barcelona, registered or not, and just cant get enough of Moleskine? During the Symposium we will ask sketchers in Barcelona to share their sketches for a chance to win a @Moleskine Special Edition notebook! We will ask for posts on Twitter and the Facebook group page, and will ask that replies contain the hash tags #sharemysketch #bcn2013USk and #moleskine.

One winner will be selected each day from each platform.

Good luck!