Friday, June 7, 2013

Greetings from Los Angeles

Hello, I'm Shiho Nakaza, and I am one of the Los Angeles correspondents for Urban Sketchers. I finally booked my flight and hotel and am doing further preparation for the trip - I can't believe it's only a month away! I am so excited because this will be my first time ever in Barcelona, and this city has been on top of my list of places I'd love to visit - and the best way to experience it is by sketching!

I have attended the first Symposium in Portland and the third Symposium in Santo Domingo. Going to the workshops and meeting other sketchers from all over the world was so much fun - and I learned to push beyond my usual ways of sketching by thinking about capturing the scene. Here are two sketches, top one from Portland and bottom one from Santo Domingo.

Shiho Nakaza Portland Oregon Sketch watercolor pen "Urban Sketchers"

Shiho Nakaza "Santo Domingo" "Dominican Republic" Sketch watercolor pen "Urban Sketchers"

I'm looking forward to sketching La Sagrada Família when I'm in Barcelona - let me know if anybody is up for sketching there as a group! Another favorite subject (you might say it's a hobby within a hobby) is sketching people selling street food. And, yes, I plan to explore some food options with sketchbook in hand while I'm in Barcelona! Looking forward to meeting some of you soon!!


Swasky said...

Hi, Shiho! People from Barcelona is organizing different meetings in different spot of Barcelona. My recomendation is buy your tickets before you come online to the Sagrada Familia. CU Soon!

Jessie Chapman said...

Looking forward to seeing you again, Shiho! So glad you'll be there. I'm definitely up for sketching street food! And I'd love to go see more of the city with you too. Thinking about a day trip to Girona or Tarragona if that interests you. So excited!

Shiho Nakaza said...

It'll be good to meet you again, Swasky and Jessie! That's a good suggestion about buying the tickets to Sagrada Familia online to save time. And! I just found that one of my friends are able to visit Barcelona, too! He's also a sketcher but not signed up for workshops, so I'll be on the lookout for different meetings for him in Barcelona.

Swasky said...

Girona and Tarragona well deserve a one-day-trip. If you can visit both do it, but if I have to chose one Giorna is my favourite.

Debo Boddiford said...

Looking forward to meeting you! I am very interested in joining a group for sketching the Sagrada Familia or other spots around BCN. I am also thinking about a Tarragona day trip (Wed or Sunday). Girona was a top pick for me also, but those tours are only Mon, Thurs, and the Girona tour won't fit my travel schedule. Please let me know if anyone gets a sketching group together.

Jessie Chapman said...

Thanks Swasky! There's so much to see and in only 10 days!! But I thought it sounds so interesting and beautiful. Was thinking of making a group trip for people who want a day of small-town experience.

Shiho Nakaza said...

I would like to do a group sketch within Barcelona, for sure! I was thinking of staying within the city since I am only staying a few days after the Symposium though Giorna sounds wonderful!

Martine Kervagoret said...

I arrive the 05 july if your want to draw before the symposium I am ready :))

Nina Johansson said...

I´ll be there from the 8th, so hope to find people to sketch with on the days before the symposium! I will probably also try to stay within the city, Barcelona has so much to offer, and one week is not nearly enough. I think I might skip Sagrada Família, though, since I was sketching there for 11 days last year. :)
Looking forward to seeing you again, Shiho!

Shiho Nakaza said...

Wow, you were sketching for ELEVEN DAYS at Sagrada Familia, Nina? There must be a lot to see! Yeah, I'm tempted to take day trips but I want to really experience the city since it will be my first time there.

James Richards said...

Looking forward to seeing you again, Shiho!

miked said...

Hi Shiho,
It'll be good seeing you again too!

So much to do and so little time.
This year I'm traveling with my wife and friend (both non Sketchers) so I don't think I have the luxury to stay just within the city.(I wish I could do 11 days of just the Sagrada Familia too!)
They're making flight arrangements to other parts of Spain and we also added Girona to our list too! What a fascinating looking place.

Liz Steel said...

hey Shiho - looking forward to seeing you again!...and everyone else!

Shiho Nakaza said...

It'll be great to see you all! Speaking of day trips, Kumi from Japan (I hope she posts here soon!) and her friends are going to the paper mill in Capellades to see how watercolor papers are made. Sounds fascinating!

kumi Matsukawa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

Looking forward to our third symposium together! :)

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