Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Human Landscape (Lecture A)

Speaker: Lluïsot

Inspired by Tintin and Corto Maltese, he threw himself into travelling in order to see the world.

In his travels, more than the architecture, rather than the landscapes, what really draws his attention is human beings, their cultures, their ways of dressing, their features, their ways of understanding life and of living it, their markets, their shops, their religions...  All that evokes humanity excites him.

As a result of this fascination it became necessary for him to draw anything that He found surprising. When he started drawing he did not know about sketching, about this need of filling up a sketchbook. His influences stem from his childhood, from the sticker albums that were his small windows through which He could discover animals from distant lands and people with diverse cultures. He was also inspired by the scientific illustrations of Cook and Darwin’s expeditions, and by Napoleon’s archaeologists in Egypt.

However, as a cartoonist, his graphic style is a bit far from the scientific view of reality.

In 1983 he began publishing in the humor magazine "El Jueves". He has published in various newspapers and magazines, as well as in many children's books, young adult books and textbooks.

He has received awards such as the following:

Apel·les Mestres (1987) for the book "Vull una medalla" (I want a medal).
Bologna Regazzi Award (2002) - Best Illustrator, nonfiction category, for the book "A Season in Calcutta", a collection of drawings from my experience as a volunteer in the centers of Mother Teresa.
Serra d'Or (2003) - Best Children's Book for the book "Contes Terrorífics de Fantasmes"(Terrifying Tales of Ghosts)
Cavall Fort (2008)  for the comic "L'Illa misteriosa" (The mysterious island).
Lazarillo (2010) for the book “El sueño del viejo marinero” (The dream of the old sailor).

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Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

My father was a cartoonist, but only focused on one place his whole life, so I am especially interested in seeing the cartoonist style from such a different perspective.

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