Monday, May 6, 2013

Sketching at SHOTS CAFE (Club Street), Singapore

Warming greetings from Singapore. The weather here is erratic. Hot scorching day can suddenly turn grey and very wet! I am very excited to visit Barcelona again and share my sketching journey with fellow symposium participants. Back at SHOTS Cafe @Club Street
I drew this on-location last Saturday when the sun was going down. As you can see, my chocolate fudge cake was half eaten and I had to finish as much as I can before the light runs out. Before beginning any sketch or painting, it is important to lay out all my tools and know their location. Then I sit and observe carefully the scene in front of me. What is the story today (Conflict or Love)? Where is the focal point? And then the symphony begins......  Below is a recent picture of me sharing my sketches with a few thai boys in Bangkok. I had to try some sign language as I don't speak any thai.