Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Preparing for the Symposium: Lets get social!

Being part of the symposium is not also to learn new sketching techniques  but also to interact and get to know other sketchers around the world.

There will be some language barriers but for my experience drawings could be a better way of communication.  You would like to see the sketches of the others but the others will also want to see yours. We always learn from each other. So don`t be shy and bring some drawings to show off.

Here some tips how to show your work:

1.- Print a new batch of Business Cards: 
Business cards with your work on it and your contact address is the most popular show your work.
The Moo Cards offers the possibility to print 50 different sketches on your cards and you can select the images direct from your Flickr Account. http://uk.moo.com/

2.- Postcards and Bookmarks (with your contact information)
Are a popular giveaway to your new friends.

3.- Make your own Zines!
Zines are self made publications. You can make a small compilation just as easy as using a copy machine.  There are also print on demand services. Use Zines as portfolio to show to others , you can sell them or give them as presents to your new friends. Choose a subject, a voyage or just a selection of your best work. It is better to keep small. An A5 format is quite popular and practical!

4.- Be creative:
Other giveaways I have seen around in the last Symposiums are buttons. Use your logo for example.
Sometimes something quite simple as a interesting stamp could be quite appreciated.
The good things about urban sketchers is that we always learn from each other. Show and talk about your tools with others. If you made your own sketchbooks people would be interested in seeing them.

Do you have other ideas?


Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

Moo.com can also make stickers of your work. These are really fun to trade!

Unknown said...

Thank you for this post, I am sure that I am not the only one who waits for the thrill of any new post regarding the upcoming symposium. it's almost like being there, and it gives you the feeling that the symposium time is nearer…
I have a lot of other questions and ideas, if somebody has the time to post about it:
are there any recommendations from participants of the past events, regarding how to manage your time there, there will be so many people to meet and so little time. and also about buying art supply online in advance, should I buy now or wait for the conference to learn from the experience of others about fountain pens, watercolors and sketchbooks, etc.
It would also be wonderful to read about the adventures of the symposium organisers, how are you guys doing? is it overwhelming this year? what's the daily tasks when orgenising such an event?
sorry if this was too much, I am happy and great full for every posting here, it's almost like it has all started, this is so exciting. and the organisers are doing such a great job.

Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

We'll be posting soon about the materials our sponsors are giving us to sample - including sketchbooks, colored pencils, watercolors, and hopefully pens. Your best bet is to just bring your favorite sketchbook with you, because you will get plenty of new ones to play with.

We will also post a "What to know before you arrive" post to share information about getting there, getting around, what to expect, etc. That will be closer to the Symposium dates.

As far as managing your time, just expect to sketch all day and all night!

Unknown said...

wow, you guys are simply the best.

Swasky said...

Thank you, Ishtan! We are more or less in the same way like you, this present year we are facing new challenges and we are making up new symposium's features. See you soon!

VHein said...

Omar, thanks very much for posting this--great ideas and information!

Patrizia Torres said...

This is a great post, Omar, practical and useful. Thank you !

miked said...

What great ideas Omar!

I was so intrigued I started making a small Zine! - I might post the progress to get some feedback.

The other thought I had was for the people that have published sketch books and can't be easily bought online - I'd love to be able to buy or even trade!

alissaduke said...

It sounds like we had better allow for the weight of extra books in our luggage on our way home... Thanks - these posts are very exciting in the build up to the event

Liz Steel said...

thanks Omar - I would love to know if there is a good online service for printing zines????

omar said...

Hey Guys,
As Elisabeth said, bring just one sketchbook, because you will get so many here. It is better to stay a few days more if you want to see the city, during the symposium you will be drawing all the time. For Materials I remember I brought so many but nevertheless I will buy some new things in Barcelona.

Simran Sharma said...