Saturday, August 10, 2013

Candide in Barcelona

panoramic view  - Virginia Hein's workshop
The USk Symposium in Barcelona was a real achievement thanks to the perfect organisation of our spanish hosts. Many USk France peoples were registered to the workshops and even more attended to the sketchcrawls. But the frenchies can be proud of another kind of performance : to be the only nation to have their bag stolen !
Are frenchmen especially naive, like Candide ? The character of Voltaire who travels the world and believe that the human can't be inherently bad, even in the worst situation ?
I am one of the two unfortunates who lost a whole bag of art supplies and a complete sketchbook by robbery. After this bad experience, that was quite hard to swallow, I took a new start, with the material that the sponsors have offered to the participants, with the warm support of all my fellow sketchers and with the advices and instructions of our talented teachers.
For that reason I would like to thank you sincerly, from the heart, organisators, friends, instructors, all the Urban Sketchers. This big annual gathering allowed me to meet many great people I won't forget and regret that the symposium didn't last longer, now I'm looking forward the next one.

I love you.

Sketching with Fabien Denoël and Gérard Michel

Sketchcrawl #40 - Arc de Triumf

Plaça de Trillo -  Gracia - the place where I lived


isaac duenyas said...

Excellent travail! So sorry for your bag...

miked said...
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miked said...

Hi Vincent,
it was really nice meeting you and being able to get to know you. Your sketches were inspiring but your positive attitude towards life (even after the tragic event of having your sketchbooks being stolen!) was really inspiring!
Hope to see you again!

Neta Hagiladi said...

Hi Vincent,

it was so great to meet you! despite your stolen bag you kept your humour and optimism and the love for sweet pastries :) hope to see you again - maybe next symposium!

VHein said...

Terrible to lose the tools we have come to love, and a sketchbook too--so glad you just kept going--and doing such beautiful work. Of course I especially love the panorama view you did! Very glad I got to meet you! said...

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