Friday, July 5, 2013

reminder of santo domingo's symposium

a few day before the opening of the 4th urban sketching symposium in barcelona, it's time to share the sketches I made last year as the 2012 symposium correspondent, for you to remember the mood of the past edition. this are all the drawing I sketched from july 9th to july 16th with fellow urban sketchers.
I get ready to do my best next week as the local correspondent…


Orling Dominguez said...

Awesome Lapin, so many memories!!! Thank you for refreshing my memories... getting ready for another great experience! Go Barcelona!

miked said...

This is great Lapin!
I missed this Symposium but almost feels like I was there!

Suhita said...

Lapin, I arrive on the 10th morning and need a quick walk through what I should be doing! Looking forward to it!

lapin said...

orling: I can't wait for barcelona's symposium to start!!

miked: when are you arriving in town?

suhita: Let's meet during the "mini-sketchcrawl" on wednesday!

miked said...

Hi Lapin,

I'll be there on the morning of 7/10 too and already bought tickets to visit Sagrada Familia for that day.
I'll be sightseeing with my wife and Friend (both non sketchers) so I unfortunately won't be able to sketch too long to be able to join the 'mini-sketchcrawl'... bummer...

froy said...

Thank you for sharing this, Lapin - I hadn't seen most of the sketches before. Love the one of Borromini in his hat!
See you very soon in Barcelona :)

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