Thursday, July 11, 2013

bcn2013usk - first sketchcrawl

yesterday was the first public event, a sketchcrawl along some of the most emblematic modernist building of barcelona. many sketchers join at 10:00 in front of "sant pau" hospital (of lluís domènech i montaner): bcn2013usk bcn2013usk
than we walk done avenida gaudi until the north facade of the sagrada familia (of antoni gaudi). there were nearly more sketchers than tourists around: bcn2013usk
it's where I met suhita, the symposium correpondant, for the first time. I'm impressed, she's quick!! bcn2013usk
than came the time for a tipical catalan dish: "arroz negro", yummy! bcn2013usk
and we walk until the "casa de les punxes" (of josep puig i cadafalch): bcn2013usk
I know that some sketchers continue until "passeig de gracia" and the "pedrera" (of antoni gaudi), but I had to go to the inauguration of the exhibition "sketching barcelona" in sala ciutat where the all collection of travel books published by city council is exhibit, included my last book "barcelona m'inspira".
we have a late diner in born district, it was time to go home, this morning the symposium is starting early!
by lapin


Marcia Milner-Brage said...

Wonderful to recognize so many faces here!

Unknown said...

One can almost feel the energy of so many sketchers at these famous landmarks. I too see people I know and it is (some) substitute for not being there. Thanks, looking forward to rest of posts!

lapin said...

marcia: we are missing tou here!

heidi: I do my best for you to feel part of the experience...

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