Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From Buenos Aires to BCN

Hello everyone! greetings from Buenos Aires.
I am very excited for the experience that will we live together in BCN!
Thanks to all who kept tireless organizing the symposium.

I'll be in charge of the workshop Dynamic Ink (non waterpfroof ink and watercolor) And just I leave this drawing I made a few weeks ago. All with a Lamy M with non waterproof ink.

Varela is a neighborhood that is postponed, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. It is one of the first social housing units in this city.
When I walked through the streets I found Davíd, one resident of the neighborhood. He likes to get old and rare cars and fix them. It is a somewhat expensive hobby, which is why the re-run cars over a long time.   This car has about two years in front of his house.
Maybe in 2014 we hear his engine again.
Do you draw with this type of ink? What problems you have found to use it?
Post by ND  in Flickr


Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

Norberto, I am a fan of your work and am looking forward to meeting you in BCN!

Urban Sketchers said...
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Jessie Chapman said...

Norberto, I agree with what Elizabeth wrote above! Also: you mention in your workshop description "ink that turns purple" when it gets wet. That's the kind I like, but I only know a few marker-type pens that do that. Do you have a recommendation for fountain pen ink that will behave that way? Thanks in advance and I look forward to meeting you!!!

Liz Steel said...

hi Norberto - I can't wait for your workshop! I seem to make a mess when I seem non waterproof ink- maybe it is because I splash my wet paint around too loosely - I can see beautiful control in this sketch! stunning!

Swasky said...

Wow, wow! People will enjoy your workshop.

Joaquin said...

¡Hasta pronto en BCN, Norberto! Será un placer conocerte en persona

Simran Sharma said...


Matteo Thomas said...

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