Thursday, March 21, 2013

Interpreters Assistants Team

As you might know, Catalan is an official language in Catalonia, where it originated, and as such it will be present at the Symposium. For practical reasons, though, in the workshops our main working languages will be English and Spanish, without excluding Catalan or other languages if appropriate.

In those cases in which the instructor does not speak both English and Spanish, we will provide an interpreter. This interpreter, a volunteer and member of USK, will also help as a guide around Barcelona, if needed.

Workshop A: Silvia Xicola
Workshop B: Miguel Herranz
Workshop C: Orling Domínguez
Workshop D: Patrizia Torres
Workshop E: Alvaro Carnicero
Workshop H: Isabel Fiadeiro
Workshop J: Eduardo Vicente
Workshop K: Aurora Villaviejas
Workshop L: Helena Xicola
Workshop M: Cristina Curto
Workshop N: Marta Castro
Workshop O: Isabel Carmona
Workshop P: Yadira Reyes
Workshop Q: Joaquin G. Dorao
Workshop R: Cristina Urdiales
Workshop T: Isaac Duenyas

Demo A: Isabell Seidell
Demo B: César Caballud

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