Thursday, February 21, 2013

Actors and Stage (Workshop I)

Instructor: Luis Ruiz (Málaga, Spain)
Location: Pla dels Àngels, MACBA

Drawing in an urban context means being exposed multiple stimuli; the city is a complex environment from the visual point of view. You cannot capture on your sketchbook everything that is going on. It is perhaps preferrable to select some story that has caught your attention and is worth to be told.

To reflect this subjective approach of the sketcher, in order to put the accent in some particular subject, we need some tools that help us to catch the moment with economy.

The street and its architecture are the stage, and there each actor plays a role.
And... actors are not always people! A building, a van, a dome or tower can play a role too.

The proposed exercise will be held in a semi-open space in the city where buildings, vehicles, people, trees are interacting. The sketcher would choose some particular feature or story that might be going on in that moment, and find the way to focus on it from the graphical point of view.

The exercise will start dealing with the composition of the sketch: framing the view, selecting what is going to be included and how.

Then, participants will be invited to find a way to highlight the desired parts (colour spots, hatching...) to enhance the storytelling capacity of the drawing. Density of linework and some watercolour splashes can be enough to achieve the goal... But what you do not draw can be as effective as what you do draw.

Learning goals
  • Selecting what is important and what can be left out of the drawing.
  • Using the empty space of the paper as an active element.
  • Capturing the depth of the urban space: Actors play their role in the scenery.
  • Avoiding getting lost with the details. Do not draw everything!!
  • Leading the watcher’s eye to the desired place of the sketch.

Sample sketches

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