Friday, August 2, 2013

Thank You to Travel Agent Idalina Vieitas

Sending a big, if belated, thank you to Idalina Vieitas, our very own travel agent. She takes care us by making the travel arrangements for the instructors and staff members, and does such a terrific job at it! If you have any travel needs call Idalina!

Travel Consultant/Consultora de Viagens at ALIVE TRAVEL 

mobile: (+351) 964954879 
mobile: (+351) 910045869 
landline: (+351) 282 048 401 

(sketch by Alissa Duke of the Gravina Hotel, Barcelona)


Richard Alomar, ASLA said...

OH YES! She was fantastic. I couldn't thank her enough.

miked said...

Yes, she's amazing!!
If I ever travel again to that part of the world, I'm sure to contact her again!

isaac duenyas said...

Thanks for everything Idalina!

Idalina Vieitas said...

THANKS so much for your feedback it is a pleasure to be part of USK team and also be able to follow your wonderful sketches