Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Before, during, and after the symposium sketches

I thank all the people made this wonderful event happen, those volunteers and instructors who devoted their time and efforts. I thank those people helped me whenever we had questions and kindly answered and guided us. Thanks to you who shared your time with us. I want to come back to Spain in short interval. aeropuerto de Doha first night in Barcelona
Memories from Capellades and Monserrat Girona Taller K-1 Taller K-7 Taller R-2,3 Taller R-4 Taller I-3 Taller I-4 Taller S-1 Taller S-4 TallerQ-2 Taller Q-3 SketchCrawlat Park Güell−2 Universidad de Sevilla Catedral Almudena in the Qatar airplane0717 Doha airport 0718


Lynne the Pencil said...

There is some fabulous work here Kumi. Great sketching with you!

Emily Nudd Mitchell said...

Fantastic work ! Looking forward sketching with you !

kumi Matsukawa said...

Thank you, Lynne and Emily! Hope we have chance to talk and sketch together much close range next time ;-)

Vincent DESPLANCHE said...

Great sketches, Kumi. So happy to have been sketching with you, and so upset that it was only once. Your fountain from Sevilla's university is gorgeous. I'm looking forward the next USk meeting.

isaac duenyas said...

Great sketches Kumi!

kumi Matsukawa said...

Vincent, so happy to sketch together and to be able to see your works in the same class, so sorry that your bag as well as sketchbook full of your works was stolen. That was shocking to me too! but your new start with new materials are as gorgeous as your previous ones! Wish we'll see again in USK next time.

Thank you, Isaac! I miss Spain!

miked said...

Great to see all your work and it was really nice to catch up with you!
It's too bad that I didn't get to sketch with you to see your sketching with a brush in 'action'
Maybe next time!

Neta Hagiladi said...

Dear Kumi,

it was great to finally see the person behind the flickr images that I've been following for so long. I love your distinctive colors, and the sketches are utterly beautiful.

kumi Matsukawa said...

It was so lovely to see you again, Mike! We didn't have chance to sketch together (sat side by side), but we occasionally had chances to chat a little, and I enjoy it :-) I liked your portable small chair. I was too greedy to carry every equipment in different bags, and ended up not using most of them ;-b A lesson learned: Be equipped minimally. Hope we have more time to sketch together next time.

kumi Matsukawa said...

Dear Neta,

So happy to meet you and I really enjoyed your company! Wish we had more time to show our results each other. I look forward your post here then!

kumi Matsukawa said...
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