Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some of my sketches from BCN

As many said before: it was WONDERFUL and THANKS to all of you who made this event possible.
I hope that moleskine keeps its word and make the leporello watercolor sketchbook available next year - I liked it a lot! It shows the coherence between the exercises/sketches of this event and is very handy.

Here are my sketches from Veronica´s and Marc´s workshops (great both of them!!) I also attended a part of Shari´s but still have to put in practice her helpful comments.

BCN 2013

BCN 2013

The day before the symposium while my watercolor box was crashed ;) (38x56)


isaac duenyas said...

No se de que va lo de Moleskine pero fantásticos dibujos! Un fuerte abrazo y hasta pronto espero!

Patrizia Torres said...

I hope that Moleskine will make leporellos available for everybody too, I liked the one they gave us a lot as well. Good job, Isa !

Thomas Lowrens said...

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