Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Memories from BCN - part1

All good things eventually come to an end... After months of preparations and expectations, it took only three days of an explosion of senses and now we have all come back to different parts of the world. We back to our jobs and our families, our routines. But nothing can stop us from taking out our sketchbooks every day, and for one tiny moment we all feel connected through simple magic of sharing the same passion of sketching which bonds us together again and again.
I'll try to upload here little by little my impressions from the Symposium.
First of all I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the organizers and volunteers for their amazing work and sleepless nights preparing this event!
Being this time one of the instructors, I felt very excited and a bit anxious. I was lucky to be instructing together with my friend Ea Ejersbo, she calmed me down and our energies were well balanced.

It was a really great experience!

I'm so happy that participants took risks and moved out of their "security zones", freed themselves and weren't afraid to make "bad" sketches. They  successfully "hunted' the "heroes' of their stories, composed them in their sketchbooks, using well the spread and white spaces, and went wild with watercolors and watercolor pencils putting it all together!  At the end their sketchbooks were full of great stories from colorful La Boqueria! 

Here are some of the sketches from La Boqueria I managed to make:

Indeed, teaching is the best way of learning. When you're trying to describe your approaches and methods, you can finally understand yourself a bit :-)
Stay tuned, it will be continued!


isaac duenyas said...

Great moments and great sketches. Waiting for more.

Not having time to attend your workshop was painful for me. Everybody is so positive about it that I hope to be able to attend it next year!

Emily Nudd Mitchell said...

Great Marina !

Marina Grechanik said...

Hey, Isaac! thanks a lot for all hard work you done organizing the symposium! yes, I hope next time, or maybe even sooner on your next visit here?

thanks a lot, Emily!

EclecticBox said...

Thank you Marina and Ea for such a great workshop!
As with the other workshops I was able to attend, instructors had the ability to share their knowledge and set the goals with crystal clear examples and exercises. I could see how attendees will throw themselves (myself included) bravely and with enthusiasm to the task.
For that and the pleasure of finally meeting you in person, THANKS!!!

nelson paciencia said...

Magic drawings Marina!

Marina Grechanik said...

dear EclecticBox, thanks again for being a part of the workshop, the pleasure of meeting you in person was mutual, I wish we could sketch more together!

nelson paciencia, thank you so much!