Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hi everybody!

I'm Úrsula, an architecture student from Madrid. I'm already getting ready to go to Barcelone!! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and drawing by your side! I'll be arriving tomorrow, I think in time for the minisketchcrawl of La Sagrada Familia.

I'm trying to decide if I go minimalist and take only my pilot parallel pen and the waterbrush with me or I take  my hole bag of supplies (Emily calls it the Mary Poppins Bag)... but I think it's too heavy and it's soooo hot I'm not up for it... any thoughts from people that are already in Barcelone??

Well here are some of the drawings I have done lately...

You will notice I really like to do panoramics and I make my own sketchbooks to choose my own formats and papers. That's why you can see the binding in one of the drawings :) Lately I use more and more colours but I also love doing the Black&White drawings

See you tomorrow!!!