Monday, July 8, 2013

Greetings from Rabastens

Hi dear friends,
from Rabastens, a cute village near Toulouse (France) where I live. My name is Vincent Desplanche, I work as an illustrator, mostly for children books, since almost twenty years. I love to go sketching since such a long time, even longer. My favorite subject :  mountains. The Barcelona's symposium starts in a pinch of days, next thursday. I feel really excited to attend to this 4th edition and to see all of you, brilliant sketchers from the whole world, in flesh and bones. I expect also a lot from the workshops and sketchcrawls. So impatient that I won't sleep quietly till this day.
In order to show you the corner of the world I live in, I did the following sketches yesterday, by the sunday torpor. I used color pencils and Neocolor wash on A4 double pages.
See you very soon.

The village houses huddled under the hot july sun

The plane-tree rows cast their shadow on the central allee

It's the siesta time, the narrow streets are empty


Unknown said...

Hello Vincent, nice to see these sketches of your "hometown"! And really looking forward to sketching Barcelona with you. See you soon!

Andre Sandmann said...

ton style lègere me plâit beaucoup - a bientôt à barcelone!