Wednesday, July 10, 2013

bcn2013usk - first meeting

looking for some sketchers, half an hour before the meeting at the cccb bar, I met arno and flaf, both from germany, sketching in the street near by. bcn2013usk
after 5:00, there were no doubt anymore, something is happening! some friendly faces arrived from all over the world: nina from sweden, tia from singapour, isabel from mauritania, eduardo from sao paolo, melanie from ny, leez from sydney… a endless list of friends I haven't met for months or years, and some others I met for the first time around a glass of beer. bcn2013usk bcn2013usk
I was very impressed to meet Kiah Kiean from malaysia, I admire so much his work: bcn2013usk
in an hour, is starting the first public event, much more sketchers must have arrived in the night, I'm so exciting!!

 by lapin