Sunday, July 14, 2013

bcn2013usk - day 3


the 3rd and last day of the symposium. I manage to wake up on time to assist at the panel discussion at 9:00am at the cccb, but I was still asleep…
than started the workshop cessions, and I join virginia hein with her "panorama in light and shade" workshop. she invites us to sketch only the value, before starting a bigger panorama playing with warm & cool.
while teaching us, we assist to a rescue operation, an old man failed in the water at 5 meters from us, and the quiet landscape was totally changed by the arriving of 3 rescue boats, the police, a medical team and many tourists talking pictures, and of course, we sketched it to!
bcn2013usk bcn2013usk 600px
riding as fast as I can on a "bicing" (public bicycle), I arrived just on time for the last part of marion rivolier's workshop "capturing space through form and color".
her masterclass was not a piece of cake at all, you have to be already an expert urban sketcher to rich its aim, and few sketchers get a trauma I guess by sketching without line, pencil, or marker, without black, using light and shadow, complementary colours, warm & cool contrast and layering the composition with many grounds…
"sors de ta bulle de confort" she told me.
bcn2013usk bcn2013usk 600px
at 2:30pm started the demos, I went to the demo "C" digital urban sketching by mónica cid and josu maroto, or how to sketch with an ipad. they told us all their tricks, I especially like the 2 fingers glove.
and at 4:30pm, we join the 40th sketchcrawl in front of the triumph arc.
wow! so impressive! I never seen such a big meeting of sketchers, every where you were looking at, people were sitting with a sketchbook in hand, chatting, sharing drawings. we spent a wonderful time!
bcn2013usk bcn2013usk bcn2013usk
the closing reception was at the cccb, we clinked glasses for USk and the great organisation of this 4th symposium.
tina won my drawing of the silent auction:
silent auction
after the cccb close, we can't leave each other, and stayed for a wild in front of it, before having an other beer at a terrace, watching a bollywood dance show, and many more drinks until very early this morning. better not to show here what I was sketching at that time ;)

once again it was a huge chance to participate to the symposium, and I was very glad to be the correspondent next to suhita. you're gorgeous!
I want to apologize to the workshops and lectures we can't report, we did our best running all the time, but too many things were happening at the same time.
take a look to the flickr group or to the tag #bcn2013usk on instagram for more about the party.

see you soon sketchers, and have a safe trip back to one of the 40 countries represented this days in barcelona!

by lapin


Juliette Plisson said...

fantastic reportage of the symposium, it says everything!
Don't you plan to print a little book out of these, it would be a wonderful souvenir!
et encore merci de ton accueil, c'était vraiment sympa de se promener, découvrir les recoins de Barcelone et dessiner avec toi.
à bientôt

Danny said...

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