Thursday, June 27, 2013

Symposium Sponsor Profile: Moleskine

Moleskine has been a sponsor for each Symposium since Portland, OR in 2010, and has also contributed maps of our workshop locations. This year Moleskine is contributing Japanese-style sketchbooks, but specially made with watercolor paper.

The Moleskine Japanese sketchbook is a unique design influenced by traditional Japanese horizontal emakimono scrolls. This book was specially designed for the 2013 USk Symposium with one sheet of watercolor paper folded into accordion pages, and still features traditional Moleskine elements such as an elastic closure and expandable inner pocket.

We’re happy to be continuing our partnership with Moleskine!

Visit Moleskine on Facebook and on Twitter @moleskine!


alissaduke said...

How wonderful ! a watercolour accordian ! I use Moleskine watercolour sketchbooks everyday (I will be starting sketchbook #33 since Dec 2008 for this adventure) I am so looking forward to trying this format out.

Gail Wong said...

Very Cool! I look forward to using it.

Simran Sharma said...

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