Monday, June 3, 2013

Symposium Sponsor Profile: Cretacolor

This year we have another new sponsor, Cretacolor! Cretacolor is an Austrian manufacturer of pencils and a variety of other drawing and writing materials including woodless Graphite Monolith and Aqua Monolith pencils.

Cretacolor is providing each Symposium attendee with a sample card containing one each of Cleos graphite pencils, Marino water-soluble colored pencils, and Aqua Stic oil pastels (which are also water-soluble!), as well as one Primo drawing set containing six fine art pencils.

It will be such a treat to try out all of these sketching materials as we’re sketching our way through Barcelona! Thanks, Cretacolor!

Follow Cretacolor on Facebook at and on Twitter @Cretacolor.


miked said...

what a coincidence!
Just last week I bought a 12 color Cretacolor set seeing it for the first time at a store in New Hampshire.Haven't use it too much yet but seems quite nice!
Can't wait to try the other sets.

Ankita Tiwari said...