Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Greetings from Seattle!

Hi All,
Greetings from Seattle, I am Gail Wong a long time Seattle Urban Sketcher. Though I have taught sketching and architectural drawing with Frank Ching for years, I really didn't get to sketch for my own pleasure until Gabi started Urban Sketchers in Seattle (I think it was either 2008 or 2009). Of course once you catch the sketching bug you can't stop! I am one of the coordinators for Seattle Urban Sketchers and a committee member of Urban Sketchers Workshops. It has been great fun being involved in Urban Sketchers and has really transformed my life. What I find amazing is how powerful hand drawings are and how they move people. 

This will be my first Symposium and I am coming as a student to learn and get inspired by all of you.
I look forward to meeting everyone with whom I have been corresponding over the flickr and facebook and following on the blogs.  Below are some sketches done over the years that depict Seattle in the summer.  The only time it rarely rains! See you in Barcelona!

Bell St. Pier overlooking the Waterfront
Montlake Bridge at the Montlake Cut by University of Washington
South Lake Union Park and Center for Wooden Boats


Liz Steel said...

Hi Gail, so much looking forward to meeting you. SO glad that you got the sketching bug... love your sketches and looking forward to what you will do in BCN!

VHein said...

Looking forward to meeting you too, Gail! I love these cool blue-violets and fresh greens--really makes me think of Seattle!

Gail Wong said...

Thanks Liz and Virginia,
I look forward to meeting you all. It should be fun!

Juliette Plisson said...

same for me, looking forward meeting you!

Shiho Nakaza said...

Looking forward to meeting you, Gail! Hope we get to sketch together at Sagrada Familia!

John Wright said...

hey Gail, I look forward to meeting you. I'm trying to loosen up my lines and simplify my colour, so I hope to lean over your sholder and learn from you at some point.

Gail Wong said...

Juliette, Shiho and John,
It will be wonderful to meet you and hope we have a chance to sketch together at the symposium.

Nina Johansson said...

Love your sketches, Gail! I too am looking forward to meeting you!

Gail Wong said...

Hi Nina,
Looking forward to meeting you too. Your work is inspirational!

Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

Looking forward to meeting you in person, Gail.

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