Sunday, June 16, 2013

Greetings from Barcelona

My name is Antonio but I like to leave my tracks in the path of drawing as Shiembcn. Born, raised and established in Barcelona, I work in marketing and advertising since many years.
I feel more comfortable when I draw architecture and objects, due to my passion for antiques but mostly because they do not complain so often. I find it harder to integrate people in my sketchbook.
When I was a child I loved to have a look at the drawings of the illustrated tales or the black ink of the comics vignettes. They took me to impossible places... My life followed paths different to the ones desired at those times and my love for drawing was left aside somewhere in my past.
A few years ago, that same path brought me to a meeting of sketchbook's artists. The need to share space, paper and ink with that group caught me immediately, and fortunately it has been like that since we returned to Barcelona with a group of them.
I'll be at the Symposium in Barcelona and I belong to the local organizing committee. I would like to share at least five minutes with each one of you that is going to come, to expand that way that circle drawn in ink and watercolor.
Regards and see you soon!


Juliette Plisson said...

see you in Barcelona!

Swasky said...

Great job!

Liz Steel said...

love your sketches and looking forward to meeting you Antonio!!!!

Patrizia Torres said...

Yesss, see you very soon, Shiem !

shiembcn said...

Thank you all, comes the day,
see you soon.

Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

Very much looking forward to meeting you in person :)

Simran Sharma said...

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