Monday, March 4, 2013

Meet the Instructor: Tia Boon Sim (SINGAPORE)

Tia Boon Sim

TIA, as she is affectionately called, grew up in Singapore. In her youth, she was tutored by the local art pioneer, the late Mr Liu Kang. TIA graduated from School of Architecture, University of Singapore and is a local registered architect. TIA received a scholarship to study the Master of Science programme in Art and Design Education at Pratt Institute in New York and in Feb 2003, she returned to Singapore and continued to teach at the School of Design after bagging the prestigious Pratt Circle Award for the Outstanding Academic Achievement. In 2011, her paintings were made into stamps and first day covers to commemorate the Singapore National Day. In that same year, TIA became the independent publisher for the book “Urban Sketchers Singapore” with a grant from Urban Redevelopment Authority. Currently, TIA oversees two Diplomas at the School of Design, Temasek Polytechnic where her artwork of the campus was presented by the institution as a gift to the Prime Minister of Singapore in Nov 2012. TIA joined Urban Sketchers in 2008 and is the Founder of Urban Sketchers Singapore in 2009.

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Workshop P: Drawing from the Heart and over Color Splashes


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