Monday, February 25, 2013

Meet the Instructor: Ea Ejersbo (Aarhus, DENMARK)

Ea Ejersbo

Ea Ejersbo is an artist and printmaker based in Aarhus, Denmark since 1993. She grew up in various locations around Denmark and Tanzania, has a background in Fine Arts, and is an experienced planner and runner of drawing workshops. She currently works for Gøglerskolen School of Street Circus as a project and management secretary.

Ea was a member of the founding Board of Directors of the Urban Sketchers non-profit organisation, and is a correspondent since 2008. Her drawing practice centers around daily sketchbook drawings, which she shares on her blog. Subjects reign from travel sketches, commuter drawings, concert and cafe sketches, to daily life and endless cups of tea, and you can find a selection in Gabriel Campanario’s book: The Art of Urban Sketching.

Ea uses a variety of drawing materials and expressions in her sketchbooks. For the past year the combination of watercolour and watercolour pencils has been one of her main explorations.


Workshop K: Urban Life: Describing City Spaces Through the Life Lived There