Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Designing Barcelona (Workshop C)

Instructor: Veronica Lawlor (New York City)
Location: L'Illa de la Discórdia

Barcelona’s discord is our design playground! Join reportage illustrator Veronica Lawlor in a playful approach to reportage and picture making on one of the most celebrated streets in Barcelona, the Illa de la Discórdia.

The “Illa de la Discórdia” (in English: the Block of Discord), is one of the most celebrated blocks in Barcelona’s Eixample district: so named because it showcases four buildings by four of Barcelona’s most important Modernist architects, in four very different, sometimes clashing, styles. These diverse architectural styles give the participants of this workshop an opportunity to play with and explore four different graphic approaches, drawing each building’s personality and bringing its unique identity to life. This approach also brings the artist’s unique experience of location to life!

The drawing fun here is to improvise, play, and do things you would normally not do - go beyond ‘realism’ to explore the design intentions of each architect. And of course we’ll apply those same approaches to drawing the people who weave this collection of mixed graphics together. The focus is on your personal interpretation – your Design of Barcelona!

Workshop Schedule

The workshop will begin with a short demonstration by Veronica of core elements of picture design: linear calligraphy, marks (texture) and patterns, and color shape and line. Picture dimension will also be discussed. The participants will spend the first hour in experiment and play - making small thumbnail sketches of the four buildings through four different approaches – black and white marks and pattern, black line, brush and calligraphy, color shapes, and colored line. This includes interpreting people this way. The decision each participant makes is a choice of graphics – which building lends itself best to calligraphy, which to marks and pattern, which to color, etc. – to reflect the personality of the artist as well as the architect.

We’ll then have a short critique of the drawings, and a demonstration by the instructor of picture proportions and graphic choices. The participants will spend the last hour and a half working on one large drawing of the all four buildings on the street together, using the calligraphy, marks, patterns, and colored shape and line that they just played with, in various picture percentages. We’ll talk about how much to put into a drawing – and how much to leave out – the graphic feeling you want, and the design decisions you make.

The famous buildings of the Illa de la Discordia are: Casa Lleó-Morera, designed by Lluis Doménech Montaner, Casa Mulleras by Enric Sagnier, Casa Amantller by Josep Puig I Cadafalch, and the Casa Batlló by Antoni Gaudi. In addition to learning about your own sense of design, you will have the chance to study and appreciate the architecture of these important figures of the Modernist movement in Barcelona, through an exploration in drawing.

Learning goals

  • By example, demonstration, and experience, participants will explore various methods of picture making and personal graphic expression of calligraphy, marks, shape and color: the elements of picture design.
  • They should walk away with a better understanding of picture proportion and graphics – how much to put in or leave out of a picture.
  • Through experimenting and allowing themselves to try unusual combinations they will take away with some new drawing language to continue playing with on location when they return home.


Please bring a medium sized sketchbook as well as a fountain pen (or cartridge pen), a disposable brush pen or calligraphy marker, 2 or 3 medium to soft graphite pencils, and a small assortment of colored pencils along with either colored markers, caran d’ache crayons, pastels, or a small watercolor kit. (To have the option of both line and shape with your color.) Additional supplies you may prefer would include a dip pen or bamboo pen with a small bottle of ink. This is a mixed media drawing workshop so please feel free to experiment.

Bring a portable stool if you like, to sit on while working.

Sample sketches


goodfish said...

Hello, I am interested in participating in this workshop. When we will be able to register? Interesting price of learning.
Thank You!

EclecticBox said...

Hi Goodfish,
Find the answer to all your questions on the FAQ page of this blog.